Anita Desai

 “Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” 


We are two wedding photographers following love stories! We love a good cheeseburger. Five Guys is our favorite, of course. We are natural introverts that spend most of our time hanging out at home, drinking coffee, and enjoying a good Netflix series. Every so often we will bust out and do something wild. We especially love visiting new places, new people, and we simply don't know a stranger! We both believe that life is full of celebrations to be made because there is simply nothing more fun than celebrating something special with your favorite people. We are the kind of people that are down to grab a beer and hang after your session, or even if you're just in our area and want to grab some dinner. We are here for it! After each wedding, we sit in the car all tired and sweaty, glad to be giving our feet a final break... all while geeking out and showing each other our favorite shots throughout the day! I think it's probably our favorite part - just feeling that satisfaction of creating something beautiful for someone else to love. 

Hey! It's us... Bekah & Domingo

all these things that i love

Things We Love
- The Night Sky
- Watching Movies Together
- Japanese Takeout
- Traveling 
- Netflix and (actual) Chill 
- Riding Roller Coasters
- Science Documentaries
- Being Weird AF
- Hilarious Parenting Moments
- Dancing In The Living Room. It's more of a jig though.


Located in North Carolina & Available World-Wide

Side Note: Seriously, we are so excited to meet each and every one of our couples! RTP supports ALL love stories whether you are LGBT+ or from the other side of the world, we are down to tell your love story in the most genuine, magical way we can.