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1) I am an Enneagram Type 1w2. I'm a huge believer in the enneagram because it's a way to help us communicate and understand each other better! A 1w2 is known to be an advocate, reformer, pays attention to detail, great with communication, and can be spontaneous when leaning into a type 7, which is their "healthy" lean. 

2) I am the real deal. I'm straight-forward, loving, and down to earth. I will always give you my honest opinion with what's best for you in mind, and I'm always here to help with anything I can! 

3) A fun fact about me is that I am in school to get my Bachelor's degree in Social Science. I'll have two minors in HDFS and Psychology and soon I'll be on my way to get a Master's in Family & Marriage Counseling. This definitely doesn't mean I'm leaving photography behind, I'll just do both. :) 

Things I'd like you to know...

More About me

I always have been. Years ago for Christmas, my grandma passed down several photo albums to me. I had received more gifts that I could have asked for, but this one was the most meaningful. I flipped through looking at my family in their younger days, some before I was born. I saw my great grandparents, great uncles, and so on and it hit me how important preservation really is. I already was a huge sucker for adventure and romance, so when I put the three together, I ended up here! Now I'm just out here chasing my dreams & preserving some of the most important moments in people's lives. It's seriously the best. 

Simply, I'm a storyteller...

I'm bekah & the hottie in the photo with me is my husband, domingo.

One day, a long time from now, you'll be old, so will your partner. Your wrinkled hands will have held each other through all of life's greatest and hardest moments, all which "officially" started on your wedding day. Memories fade, but your photographs do not. Investing and preserving life's most important moments is so dang important, I couldn't stress it enough. 

Why photos should matter to you too.

Like I said, I'm a storyteller...

I love sharing stories with you about us. We have 8 years together, 1 kid, 3 cats, 9 fish, a snail, and hundreds of adventures under our belts. He is from Lima, Peru, and I was raised in rural NC, but somehow we met and quickly fell for one another. We LOVE road trips, trying new restaurants, horror movies, talking about space, religion, and politics (the deep stuff), and speaking of stuff, we love some stuffed crust pizza. 

Sunset drives and fries dipped in milkshakes.

One of our favorite things about North Carolina is the variety of gorgeous landscapes and delicious southern craft food. Living in Charlotte, NC can be in the mountains in 2 hours and the beach in 3 and it's perfect. Our favorite spots are Blowing Rock, Asheville, Ocean Isle, and exploring good food and beer in uptown Charlotte or Raleigh when we can!

Breweries and day trips around NC

We are SO dang lucky to live basically right beside Carowinds, so you can bet that we are there for roller coasters any chance we get. If we aren't outdoors for thrill rides, we are inside for thriller movies. One of my favorite date nights is to go to the movies for a scary, psychological, thriller. Nothing like intense anxiety for a fun time! 

Roller coasters & thriller movies

After busy wedding weekends, we love to spend some extra time together as a family before the regular week starts back. Sometimes, we will meet with my husband's family in Greensboro for cookouts or DELICIOUS Peruvian food! 

Sunday night dinners and time with family.

On most nights, you'll catch us cuddled on the couch watching the latest episode of Outlander, The Handmaids Tale, or Westworld. 

just chilling together & watching Netflix or Hulu

In our free time...

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