top 10 favorite unique wedding details

Do the details really matter? YES, OF COURSE. The details you choose for your wedding day can make a huge impact on your wedding gallery - and your wedding gallery is the one thing that you will have to remember and relive that amazing day. So, instead of splurging on an extra 50 cupcakes, get those special invitations with the gold foil. Get the shoes of your dreams. Invest in a gorgeously styled (real) bouquet! 

march 24th, 2020

No 1 - Unique Ring Boxes

The good news - I bring these gorgeous boxes to your wedding day! It's a part of my Details Box, full of boxes and ribbons to make your details pop! However, if you'd like to keep one for yourself to make your details truly personal, I highly suggest checking out The Velvet Garden and Mrs Box - who will also customize your box - for some amazing ring boxes. Plus - you can choose the color to go with your wedding colors.

No 2 - Vow Books

No 3 - Bouquet Ribbons

No 4 - Interesting Invitations

No 5 - Unforgettable Couples Table

No 6 - Shoes That Make A Statement

No 7 - A Real Bridal Bouquet

No 8 - Signature Cocktails

No 9 - Veils & Crowns

No 10 - Neon Signs

Vow books are everything romantic when it comes to details, but maybe that's just the journal-er in me. I write all of our little moments and memories down, and in one of our books, I included our vows (because I didn't have a super rad photographer that gave me this tip, so I wrote mine on a hotel did my husband, clearly we think alike) in one of those books. These not only look beautiful with your detail photos, but are a timeless keepsake to keep with you. Instead of having to remember what each other said, you can just pull these little books out and read the promises you made to one another on the day you decided on forever. Also, these are SUPER easy to find on Etsy. Some favorites would include this one by Perfect Day Details  as well as these dreamy leather ones by Leathered With Love.

Ask your florist to add ribbon to your bouquet OR you can get some on Etsy in cute little shops like this one. This adds a soft, feminine feel to your bouquet that will really make those wedding details, and even your wedding portraits feel a smidge more bridal. And if you're having an edgier wedding - you can always play around with deep colors like black, emerald, maroon, and dark purples. This bouquet by Dream Events By Daria is also to dieeeee for. If you haven't booked a florist, you know who my recommendation is! 

Ohhhh yeahh, I LOVE a good, unique invitation. These are often the focus of your detail shots because it has ALL of the actual details on it. Your invitations are a great way to add some personal touches to (which I'll talk about later) your details. When you order these, get the ones you love. Do it. Some of my favorites are from small businesses - also, we should ALL be supporting small business especially around this time. They can make the experience personal, and really hone in on your style and what you want! Some favs are Line Ave Calligraphy who made those beautiful moon invitations, and Wide Eyes Paper Co. who creates some of the most unique invites I've seen! Don't forget to get little touches like the tags with your names on them, too! 

Clearly, I have seen some magical tablescapes in my lifetime. Some of us have a natural eye for details and DIY our tables. The romantic, candlelit table was designed by my bride herself! If she ever stops her career in medicine, she could absolutely be a wedding designer. Companies like Eventful can help you put your tables together in the style of your dreams. Also, I've worked with them before and Amy, the owner, is THE best. Seriously. The. Best. One of my favorite things on tablescapes is the runner. These cheesecloth runners are available on Etsy but they're also pretty easy to make! Grab some Rit Dye and Cheesecloth from your local craft store and follow tutorials like this one and you're all set. I also have to add, the stained glassware makes those tables POP and I am HERE FOR IT. 

While I am usually one to choose comfort over style, I definitely support getting some stunning shoes for, at least, your ceremony. The tennis shoes, the crocs, and the ballet flats can wait for your reception. Your shoes can make a HUGE statement, even if they're hiding under your dress. My bride, Brittany, chose her "something blue" to be the shoes and it was so fun to photograph these! When I found this gold table to style them on, I knew this would be a cool photo to include in her details gallery! Also, I'm L O V I N G the velvet material these were made in. Remember, you don't have to be super traditional ALL the time. If you're someone that loves to add a little fun to your style, the shoes are where it's at for your wedding day! 

When it comes to your wedding details, you will notice your flowers, and whether those petals are real or fake. It might seem like a good way to save a few bucks, but really, you are doing yourself a disservice with a fake bouquet because it's going to make your details go from beautiful, soft, and feminine, to weird (or without flowers at all) because the textures just don't look right. Your florist will almost always leave a few leftover stems for me, which helps me style your details EVEN MORE. And quite frankly, I just whole-heartedly believe every bride deserves a real bouquet on her wedding day. You can also check out shops like this one if you prefer to keep your budget low on your flowers, but still want something beautiful. Or, you can choose flowers that are in season to save a few bucks, and get a smaller bouquet (although we all might swoon a bit over a big one!)  

Having a personalized drink for the night is SUPER fun. You can show off your favorite boozy drink, plus it makes the drink choice a little bit easier for the guests. There's a ton of drink ideas here that you can try out - maybe even at home - I mean, you do a cake tasting, why not a booze tasting with your hubby (or wifey) to be?! Sounds like a fun part of wedding planning to me! 

What you decide to wear with your dress has a HUGE impact on your overall look - and I'm ALL IN for a teensy bit of drama or color... or both. A cathedral veil is one of my favorites because it looks gorgeous with any dress, and we can take some really beautiful photos with it like the one here. Personally, I think floral crowns are the (am I old for saying that?) because they are everything bridal and feminine. Crowns can add a beautiful pop of color to your look, and is perfect for literally any season. Check out some floral crown options by season below! 


Neon signs make for a REALLY cool photo op and just adds that little "extra" to your wedding day - plus it's something cool to take home! These signs can range from retro like the one above to sleek and classic, so they're fitting for any wedding - if you'd like to visualize a few more ideas, here's a Pintrest Search that shows off some really neat ideas. Sketch and Etch Creative made the sign above and killed it! They've been featured several times and know how to make an amazing piece of art to make your wedding day pop. We had so much fun posing under this sign and making some really cool portraits for this couple. 


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