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Common Questions

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Q: How Far In Advance Should I Book You? 
I generally book weddings and elopements anywhere from 6 months to 18 months out. If your wedding is sooner, reach out anyway! You never know if I might have it available. 

Q: Do You Include The Digital Files?
Yup! 6-8 weeks after your event, I'll send you a big and beautiful online gallery where you can download your high-res images. I'll also send sneak peeks within 72 hours! 

Q: Do You Include The RAW Images?
Nope! I feel like that would be a huge disservice - kind of like if you went to a restaurant and they handed up the ingredients without cooking it for you. Part of my art is creating beautiful, timeless images that are already retouched and ready to share and print. 

Q: Are you LGBT+ Friendly?
Absolutely! You won't find any discrimination around here! Everything from my website to my contract is gender-neutral to make sure I'm including every amazing person that can't wait to get married! 

Q: I'm Ready To Book, What's Next? 
A 30% non-refundable retainer and a signed contract will officially get you in my books. 

Q: Can I meet you before I book? 
Fo' sho'! I meet clients via phone call or zoom for around 30 minutes. I'll answer any questions you have as well as walk you through what to expect. 

Q: Do You Offer Albums? 
Yes yes yes! I LOVE a big beautiful wedding album. Sizes are 10x10 and come with a minimum of 15 spreads. I can also create duplicates in a 6x6 size for parent gifts! 

Q: If I want to do a adventure/destination elopement or wedding, do you help with the plans?
I sure do! :) 

Q: What If It Rains On My Elopement Day? 
Embrace it! I'm serious, but if you for sure aren't willing to embrace the rain, I always fly in the day before and stay the day after in case we need to move your ceremony to the evening before or morning after just in case we get crazy weather.