Lauren & Randy

This styled wedding shoot was AH-MAZ-ING. Out of this world, even. We all met up at The Ridge, located in Marshall, NC and I had no idea what to expect. Snow started pouring an hour before we were set to arrive and I was freaaakkking out. We all got there, set up, and as soon as we were ready for couple's portraits, the snow started to fall so beautifully and slowly like we were in some kind of actual fairy tale. The baby's breath moon arbor totally made this session - we had no idea it would turn out so well, but we are sure glad it did! Also, Lauren and Randy are rad af and I loved working with them. So here is the final product! 

"we had so much fun! thank you for everything!"



The Ridge - marshall, nc


Located in North Carolina & Available World-Wide

Side Note: Seriously, we are so excited to meet each and every one of our couples! RTP supports ALL love stories whether you are LGBT+ or from the other side of the world, we are down to tell your love story in the most genuine, magical way we can.