Josh & kacy

These two are usually pretty fun (and a little awkward) to work with - awkward because well, Josh is my brother... and he does this weird face that we all like to call "the bird face". I have no idea how or why, but it comes up often so we gotta do things to work it out during sessions. During their engagement session, we had like... 20 minutes of good, golden, light to work with so I KNEW I had to work my magic. Josh and I share similar (dark... vulgar) humor so I resorted to shouting profanities (good thing this was private land) and doing goochie-goos like I was talking to a baby. It never ceases to make him smile! Gotta do whatcha gotta do for the picture! 

"Pretty sure this is my favorite picture."


- Kacy 

winston salem, nc


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Side Note: Seriously, we are so excited to meet each and every one of our couples! RTP supports ALL love stories whether you are LGBT+ or from the other side of the world, we are down to tell your love story in the most genuine, magical way we can.