I M A G I N E  T H I S : 

A wedding day that has been perfectly thought out and planned by your photographer to guarantee that you get exceptional images.

A day that is unique in it's own adventure, meaningful to the two of you, and every moment completely unforgettable. 

Gaining an amazing, professional experience by two pros that know how this goes down inside and out.


Being swept away by the surrealness of marrying the absolute love of your life in the most epic way, and having it documented to perfection.


Getting more than just a vendor, but a professional photographer, a support system, and lifelong cheerleader.


Someone that supports your vision and makes it happen. 

Preserving your wedding with the best of the best, heirloom quality, museum grade, prints and albums.

H E L L O !

I'm Bekah, I started this company in 2016 and have been preserving some of the most beautiful weddings since then. It's been a wild ride, and I've loved every second of it. When you meet me, you'll notice I'm basically an "instant friend" because I will literally talk to anyone about anything. I'm spontaneous, creative, and super laid back. I love the non-traditional, the road less traveled, and the unique in every aspect of life. 

T H I S  I S  U S

My husband, Domingo, and I are not only partners in life and parenthood, but also work! We have been together for seven years and still love to goof around, go out for pizza, and are always up for a day at the arcade. We are our best selves when we are together and our work shows just that! We love to create beautiful things for great couples, simply because we think you deserve it. How you get married is a BIG deal, and we're here for it. 

H O W  D O E S  I T  W O R K  ?

  •  Contact Me (check it out below)

  • Officially book your date (exciting!!!)

  • Shoot your engagement session (yay!)

  • We help plan a picture perfect timeline.

  • You get freakin' MARRIED!!! 

  • We preserve it in the most beautiful ways for you (velvet albums are my fav)

  • You love your photos and cherish them forever and ever.

 I N V E S T M E N T

I don't take the word "investment" lightly. This day is pretty dang important, so when you invest in me, I invest right back into you. I give you my ALL into doing this thing. Whether it's close to home or across the world, I'm here to support you and make this day unforgettable. 

Elopements Start at 900

Weddings Start at 2400

Couples typically invest 1500 to 5000 in their heirloom portraiture


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