I feel this so much - more than you'd think. I am not just awkward, but clumsy, and I make the absolute worst faces and just the right time, pretty much every time, and for us, something almost always goes wrong right before a session - but hey, that's life, right? 

Luckily, I'll delete all of those weird-faced awkward moments and throw them right into the recycle bin to be permanently deleted forever, and all you'll see are the photos of you and your love laughing and connecting in all the ways you feel about each other, but only see in the movies. 

Also, I'll totally prepare you for your session or wedding day! Leading up to our time together, I'll send over a series of emails to help you make the hard decisions (like what the HECK to wear - seriously, it's always the hardest) and also send you tips you might have forgotten about, like getting your ring cleaned! 


Let me guess... Having your photo taken feels...

My purpose + Why

For as long as I can remember, I was the kid that always had a camera in their hand, and plenty of tape to make homemade scrapbooks with all of the pictures I took. Even as a child I understood the importance of preserving memories of my family - and now that I'm an adult, I seriously have my dream job.

Every weekend, I get to photograph someone's connection - a fleeting moment in time that is paused for forever. Pictures are history - memories. When it's 50 years from now and memories are fuzzy, photos will always be there to serve as a reminder of the greatest days of your life, and that deserves to be cherished and remembered. 

fun facts about me

1) Chickens/Roosters are absolutely my favorite animal. They are so silly and soft, and I just love them so much. 

2) I have a yellow apple snail named Richard. 

3) I had a near death experience when I gave birth to my son. I'm so thankful to have recovered quickly and be here for him! 

4) I'm finishing my degree in Sociology to eventually become a Family and Marriage Therapist. I will totally still do Photography too, though. 

5) I got engaged when I was 19 years old only after knowing my now husband for a few months! We celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary this year!